Music meets Art - A creative cooperation


Jan Peters, a friend of mine told me in our last meeting about a "Fantasy-Suite" he almost finished composing for orchestra. We developed the idea to combine his music with my art during that day...while talking and laughing about the good ol' times.

After a few weeks, I received the link to his composition. I hit the play button, closed my eyes and watched my own fantasy develope a world around his music. What did I see?
Well...I saw a monument or memorial to humanity, who needs to see the beauty of nature and who needs to understand that they should not destroy it.
The dark dragon (left) symbolizes the destructive humanity, whereas the light dragon is nature itself
In his second movement of his composition, nature seems to loose the battle, but humanity destroys itself by its greed and aggression.
Nature resurrects out of the ashes to new beauty and strenght in the 3rd movement.

He liked my ideas and told me that he actually had quite a similar concept in his mind and named his "Fantasy-Suite" after my ideas "The light and the dark dragon" (original title: "Der helle und dunkle Drache").

Interested how the music sounds?
Check it out here:
1. Movement
2. Movement
3. Movement

Stay tuned for more pictures that I'll create accompanying his music!

Thanks for reading and your interest!

Privat Project: "Daily Sketchbook"


28th of August 2017 I bought the Daily Sketchbook in which I create one picture every single day.It's up to me wether I sketch with a pencil, fineliner, watercolors or any other traditional medium.


Regulary I will publish drawings from this project.


"Tod auf weichen Pfoten" (Death on soft paws) by Sarah Kolbrún


In this project the author Sarah Kolbrún asked me to create the cover for her novel. A beautiful commission, since I enjoyed her book a lot!


The book is available here as a KindleVersion:




Inhalt: The mighty tree of the earth goddess inbetween the desert is their life and their only hope.


The adventurous squirrl Ikwik and the chubby white mouse Gemba live here with many other animals in a peaceful community, since the decree of the wise eagle king banned by law the hunting and feasting on other animals. In a friendly bond all animals care for the tree and receive food and protection in return. The blessing of the Goddess protects the little community.


But only at first glance it's a perfect world!


The animals grew used to the richness and safety and became lazy. The years of abundance made them unthankful and blind for the gifts of the tree and the protection of the Goddess.


At the day of the spring festival, which was held every year in honor of the Earthgoddess, a scandal happend. Disappointed already by her folk, she leaves the tree after another incident and abandons the animals to their fate.


A savaging fire, hunger for power und the fierce hunting urge of the predators destroy the divine order. The death does not only await the animals in the lifeless desert, but also on soft paws in the centrum of their life, the tree itself.


Will Ikwik and Gemba be able to change their fate for good and safe the life of the animals?