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Indra Muschallik

My name is Indra Muschallik and I was born 1986 in Cologne, Germany.

As a child I adored the works by Walt Disney and grew up with Bambi, Lady and the Tramp and The Lion King. All these heroes were in my mind while discovering the woods at home or especially Iceland with its dark and gloomy caves, the cold glaciers and deep, sleeping volcanos.


All of this fuels my imagination until today!

About my work

When I got my Wacom Tablet in 2010, I began creating and uploading my first digital pictures to DeviantArt as Bluefire-Amaterasu.

End of 2015 I felt like leaving that website behind, in order to concentrate on anatomical studies of both humans and animals, color theorie and picture composition, as well as on my clients who ordered pictures for their use.


I still work with digital programs like Adobe Photoshop and Paintstorm, cause these media allow a huge artistic freedom, which I deeply enjoy and my art studio can follow me around wherever I go, which is pretty neat.

Only my daily sketch routine is still made traditionally with a normal pencil.